16 Tough Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Lawyer

1. How long have you been practicing in the specific field of accident and injury law?
2. Are you board certified by the National Board of Trial Advocacy?
3. How many cases have you handled that involve injuries like mine?
4. How many jury trials have you tried that involve injuries like mine?
5. How much money have you gotten for persons who have injuries like mine?
6. How many of your articles have been published in the area of accident and injury law?
7. How many seminars have you presented concerning this area of the law?
8. Do you have expert witnesses available who will help in cases with my type of injury?
9. Are you admitted to practice law in more than one state?
10. Are you admitted to practice law before the United States Supreme Court?
11. Do you offer a 24-hour telephone answer-line for injured victims?
12. Will you give an estimated opinion of my case for me without cost or obligation?
13. If I can't come to your office, will you come to my home or office?
14. Will you send me a free Consumer's Guide for Injured Victims?
15. Do you conduct free educational seminars so I can learn more about injury cases?
16. How many multi-million dollar verdicts and/or settlements have you achieved for your clients?

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