Trucking Accidents

Trucking AccidentsIf you know of someone who was seriously injured or killed in an 18-wheeler accident, you may want to investigate several 18-wheeler accident attorneys before you make a final decision. Don’t be fooled by the TV attorneys. Compare Paul Snow’s track record to theirs. A Mississippi accident lawyer who has several years experience in winning multi-million dollar settlements for his/her clients will best represent your interests instead of someone who does divorce work or is a general practitioner. Mississippi accident lawyers should know the rules and regulations unique to trucking accidents pertaining to such subjects as drug and alcohol testing, heavy-duty truck systems, and the transportation of hazardous materials. He/she should also be familiar with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.

  • Speeding
  • Failure to yield
  • Tire blow outs
  • Overloaded trucks
  • Drunk driving
  • Fatigued drivers

Before speaking with a Mississippi accident lawyer concerning your 18-wheeler accident case, you should familiarize yourself with the background and experience of that attorney. You should ask the law firm how many cases they have tried to successful conclusion and received multi-million dollar verdicts for their clients in trucking accidents.

WARNING! Don’t hire an accident lawyer until you know the “8 Costly Mistakes to Avoid When Selecting an Accident Lawyer.” If you hire the wrong lawyer, you could lose a lot of money and your case could drag out for months longer than necessary. Do what smart accident victims do. Click here for your FREE copy of my “8 Costly Mistakes to Avoid When Selecting an Accident Lawyer.” If you or someone you know has been injured or has been killed as the result of an accident, or if you are having trouble getting the insurance company to pay your claim, you are entitled to know your legal rights. That’s why we invite you to call Paul Snow. Paul Snow’s track record speaks for itself. Some examples are:

  • $16,500,000 structured settlement - truck crash
  • $8,000,000 verdict - wrongful death
  • $2,450,000 settlement - 18-wheeler accident

Residents of Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama and Tennessee, who have been injured in truck accidents should contact our law firm. It is important that you realize trucking companies act immediately after accidents to assess and limit their liability to the victims involved. Your case may be stronger if you hire a qualified tractor-trailer accident attorney soon after the accident. A Mississippi accident lawyer, Paul Snow has the experience and resources necessary to handle your case to maximize your recovery and help you fight for your legal rights.

If you do intend to hire Paul Snow or any other Mississippi accident lawyer to advise you concerning your injuries or death case sustained as a result of a truck accident, you should do so as soon as possible. In Mississippi, the law imposes a statute of limitations which sets the maximum amount of time that legal proceedings can occur after the accident. Once the proceedings are initiated, there is no time limit on settling your claim. Each year, people call me to ask me for help that have legitimate cases only to find out that their statute of limitations has run out. It is one of the most difficult things for me to tell them that I cannot help them because they waited too long to call me.

One of the worst decisions individuals can make is to negotiate directly with trucking companies, insurance adjusters, or the trucking company lawyers. Most trucking companies are highly skilled at truck accident investigation and claims. Anything you say or sign may be held against you further down the road. When truck accidents occur, trucking companies often send their own representatives to accident scenes to pressure accident victims when they are most vulnerable. You need someone on your side. Do you know your rights? Large trucking companies have their own investigators and attorneys fighting for them. You need someone on your side, fighting for you.

We have been handling complex trucking injury litigation since 1974. We have obtained many settlements and verdicts worth millions of dollars. Paul Snow is board certified by the National Board of Trial Advocacy,

We get results. If you have any questions about accidents, injuries or your legal rights, let us go to work for you.

If you are a victim of an accident with a commercial truck or tractor-trailer, NOW is the time to contact Paul Snow to protect your rights. Your choice of a lawyer is important, so choose carefully.

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