Premises Liability

Premises LiabilityWe assist individuals who have been injured or killed on someone else's property as a result of the owner's (or his employee's) carelessness. This includes criminal attacks on business premises where the owner knew of the risk of crime, but did not take reasonable measures to prevent it. These premises liability claims come in many varieties, including injuries or death on a worksite where the owner or contractor creates a hazard that injures or kills a worker.

If the owner of the premises knew or should have known of a dangerous condition, then the owner of the premises has a duty to warn others or take steps to eliminate the danger. If the owner fails to eliminate the danger or warn of the danger, then the owner may be liable for damages.

There are too many types of premises liability cases to mention here. If you were hurt on someone else's premises, call Paul Snow at 601-969-1977, or contact us online, to see whether or not you have a claim.

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