Consumer's Guide For Injury Victims

In my Consumer's Guide, you'll discover...

  • 15 secrets for getting a fair settlement for your injuries
  • How to build the strongest possible case
  • The most powerful weapon you can use against an insurance company
  • 11 types of damages you may be able to collect for your injuries
  • 7 misconceptions about injury cases g How to get your car fixed g When you need a lawyer and when you don't
  • 8 costly mistakes to avoid when selecting an accident lawyer g 16 tough questions to ask before you hire a lawyer
  • And much more.

For your own protection, don't be in a rush to settle your injury claim. Make sure your doctor is satisfied that you won't have future complications caused by the accident. The money you recover for your injuries won't mean much if you continue to have pain and medical problems for the rest of your life.

Also, for your own protection, don't make any statements to an insurance adjuster or claims representative until you talk with a lawyer. Also, don't sign any papers, releases, or settlements until you discuss your case with an attorney. That's the only sure way to protect your rights.

As a courtesy, attorneys in my office will be happy to talk with you over the telephone 24 hours a day - without cost or obligation of any kind. So if you have questions or if you'd like to discuss your case, please don't hesitate to call: (601) 969-1977.

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